In India, ghee symbolizes auspiciousness, nourishment and healing; especially in cooking and daily religious rituals. To maintain this tradition of using ghee in its purest form, Madhvi has taken a novel step in emphasizing the practice of the traditional method of preparing ghee. In Ayurveda, the formulation of ghee is mentioned as a 4-step process (HFCH method).

  • 1.(H) Heating
  • 2. (F) Fermenting
  • 3. (C) Churning
  • 4. (H) Heating.

  • This same HFCH method is followed by Madhvi for the ghee production.

    Industrially, at the present time, the entire process of ghee production is limited to heating, Madhvi follows the organic pathway and doesn’t produce ghee through the typical industrial method thus maintaining the nutritional values of ghee in its purest form. Remarkably, this organic ghee is one of the highest natural sources of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

    CLA, promisingly, improves body’s immune system. It blocks multiple types of cancer development such as prostate, lung and breast cancers. CLA can prevent onset of diabetes as well as heart disease.

    This ‘Sajeev’ (organic) ghee thus needs to be an integral part of our health and hygiene. Make it a habit and enjoy good health.