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Ravishingly smooth specialty sweet of Madhvi, ‘Madhvi Peda’ is a big draw amongst everyone. It gives both kids and adults a reason to enjoy sweets in its organic form.


Call it Ice-cream or lassi, this fusion has the best of both the worlds. It has created a lot of buzz all over since its launch. This will be your best excuse to kill the summer heat and keep yourself cool with a tinge of fun.


If you want to have something nutritious, this is a perfect “go-to” shake – a shake that has a special spin of yummy almond flavor and a creamy touch of milk. For Madhvi, ‘Badam Shake’ was a blessing in disguise.

In the present era of globalization, life has become so fast and such applies for agriculture. Various new methods and technologies have come forth in the field of agriculture and cattle farming. With an extremely new but traditional perspective, Gajeku farm started its journey with just a few Indian cows (Bos indicus) or "Desi Gaay," now plenty and of the best breed. There was never the introduction of Jersey cows (Bos taurus). Gajeku farm cows produce whole milk with an ideal fat content of 3.7-4.0 which is maintained resulting in nutritious, high quality milk. With this whole milk, Madhvi Dairy satisfies the mass with dairy products that are made out of organic milk and are prepared without artificial ingredients or preservatives. Moreover, Gajeku farm, idealistically, developed agriculture using natural fertilizers and drip irrigation without the use of insecticides and pesticides thus bestowing the people with best quality onions, potatoes, peanuts, wheat and various other grains. Mrs. Galbiben Jethabhai Kuniya, the name behind Gajeku farm, has received various awards locally and nationally.

With the notion Sajeev, Gajeku Farm has, with immense efforts and strong determination, managed to sustain a biological cycle. With the use of biodegradable waste and natural fertilizers consisting of compost, degraded tree leaves and other natural resources, agriculture is undertaken. The livestock consumes this natural food and in turn thus produces whole milk which is best quality. This in turn is used to prepare organic dairy items through Madhvi. Such a futuristic perspective of saving and maintaining the ecosystem. Truly a novel initiative.

The Gajeku and Madhvi family never let failures stop them. With strong willpower and social support, they achieved great significance and reached the peak. Their vision is futuristic of a green and organic nation, where there is a big NO to artificial things and only traditional and natural methods utilized. Accordingly, one should move ahead of all odds and never look back. Learn from the failures but never sit back and regret.

The person behind Madhvi, Mr Manu Chaudhry, is a staunch believer of living in the present. He has no fear for tomorrow for the reason that he has risen out of all odds and become successful and thus considers his failures to be his teachers. A simple man himself, Manubhai has seen all the extremes of life at a very early age and this has made him more and more strong en route. With Madhvi being the focus of his life, he devotes himself to nature and himself stays away from artificial resources or luxuries of life. Being a great personality, he likes meeting good people. He is very much fond of reading and follows his own ideals of serving humanity. According to him, with the hardwork and efforts of his workers, today we can witness the success of Gajeku and Madhvi. He is strictly against following blind beliefs but he is a big believer of reincarnation.

He has great expectations from Sajeev because Sajeev is the right path towards a healthy and safe tomorrow is what he believes. With great potential, he has that power to take along the community and reach new heights with the words Sajeev and organic. Such is the man, making him a big hero with all his achievements.


    Madhvi Dairy

    The formation of Madhvi Dairy


    Various awards

    All the awards are small pieces of recognition for the entire Madhvi Family for their dedication to serve the nation on the whole. Regionally, there are a few, but nationally, Mrs. Galbiben Kuniya was presented the India Agri Award in 2011 at Delhi by Mr. Sharad Pawar. All such awards are a success statement of the organic concept established by Madhvi.


    Gajeku farm

    To commemorate a son’s love and respect for his mother, the organic farm is named after Mr. Kuniya’s mother, Mrs. Galbiben Jethabhai Kuniya, to mark her hardwork on the concepts of organic farming and milk farming. The farm is also called “Sajeev Farm” with its theme of nature and organic initiative.


    Milk farming

    There once existed a farm for cattle which had various facilities like swimming pool, music system as well as incense but there arose complications in cattle including brucellosis. This resulted in a decision of contract milk farming which proved fruitful. The “Desi Gaay” idea and influence has brought a new sunrise in the life of the Madhvi family and milk farming on the whole with the best breed of cows & buffaloes producing optimum standard whole milk. This milk farming has brought a new horizon for Madhvi Dairy and its dairy products.


    Organic Crew

    Manubhai and his brother with the blessings of their mother have worked day in and day out to make Gajeku farm and Madhvi what they are today. With their combined efforts they have brought up a team of skilled people who work whole heartedly to spread the word organic. The success story has made a mark in Palanpur, Chhapi, Siddhpur, Mehsana and now Ahmedabad. Thus, the determination and vigorous attempts of this organic family are the role players in cradling Sajeev, the organic.

It is said that God sets milestones and sends angels to take you towards them to achieve them leaving behind the path full of obstacles. These angels are the ideals of our life. Manubhai also is one of those fortunate people for whom God sent angels in the form of idealistic people. The first and foremost are his parents, especially his mother who set such standards for her son that today we can see a man achieving peaks yet totally satisfied. Being successful doesn’t work, what matters is being human. This is what Manubhai is due to the lessons and blessings of his mother.

Most of the people don’t even dream of farming without tilling, fertilizers, pesticides and weeding but since 1960 till today for Mr. Bhaskar Rao Save of Umbergaon in South Gujarat and Manohar Parchure kaka in Nagpur, that is the natural way. They haven't ploughed their farm, nor used agrochemicals and still reaps a record harvest. Manubhai's life was given a new turn and a successful twist by these very people whom he considers to be godfathers. Mr. Save and Manohar kaka are the men who fingerpointed the path of Sajeev, which Manubhai has rightly inculcated.
100% organic

Utilization of natural resources for farming and agriculture, natural methods of crop protection and weeding and usage of biodegradable fertilizers has reaped the best of harvests the Sajeev way. The livestock consume this organic food and produce supreme quality whole milk. This whole cycle is thus 100% organic with no use or consumption of artificial or manmade material or resource. Be it Gajeku or Madhvi, the "Jeev" made successful the concept Sajeev making it full-proof organic.

Nutritional values

All the agricultural products as well as milk from Gajeku is scientifically tested and proven to retain all its nutritional values, thus nullifying the effect of harmful chemicals on the health of people and cattle. These agricultural and organic nutrients add life to years by crushing the possibilities of life-threatening diseases like cancer, neurological disorders, skin

What would one understand with the term organic? To make it simpler, organic defines as without chemicals and only natural. Gajeku farm shelters A-class breed of cattle producing ideal fat-containing whole milk. With this milk various dairy products are manufactured without added preservatives or chemicals, thus preserving the nutritional value and content of the products and byproducts. Conceptualizing the belief of organic, Mr. Manu Chaudhry and his partners have put all their 100% efforts in serving the people with non-chemical and naturally preserved products.

Theme nature mothered the Gajeku farm. Absolutely determined to follow the ecosystem, the Gajeku family started farming and agriculture using natural fertilizers. Organic farming is a form of agriculture that relies on techniques such as crop rotation, green manure, compost and biological pest control. Depending on whose definition is used, organic farming uses fertilizers and pesticides, which include herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, if they are considered natural such as bone meal from animals or pyrethrin from flowers, but it excludes or strictly limits the use of various methods including synthetic petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides; plant growth regulators such as hormones; antibiotic use in livestock; genetically modified organisms; human sewage sludge; and nano-materials for reasons including sustainability, openness, independence, health and safety.

Organic agriculture is an ecological production management system that promotes and enhances biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity. It is based on minimal use of off-farm inputs and on management practices that restore, maintain and enhance ecological harmony.

The Gajeku farm utilizes drip irrigation technique to provide slow but complete water supply that penetrates deep into the ground level. Thus with the use of natural methods and resources, Gajeku farm established concept Sajeev, meaning that every particle has life and so we need not use artificial methods for farming. Whether it is cattle farming or agriculture, Sajeev is the step towards saving the ecosystem.


Sajeev Justified

There would still be a question that there are such novel technologies in agriculture then why Sajeev. Let us go into the core of Sajeev. Is there any financial institute or bank that would give you Rs. 100 in 100 days out of Rs. 1. Of course, No would be the answer. Now, if you follow Sajeev, 1 bajri seed will yield 3000 bajri seeds in 100 days. The pathetic part is that the core or philosophy behind agriculture is not yet well understood. Sajeev claims that out of 100% of natural resources, 98% is available from water, air and sunlight in the form of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. and the remaining 2% is available through micronutrients, which are already present deep into the soil in ground level. These "Jeev" develop their own food and environment to flourish, thus taking up slow nutrition and slow adaptation.

Harmful chemicals, pesticides and others used to destroy weeds for good outcome of agriculture disturb this environment and in turn the "Jeev." This is the reason why without "Jeev" our fields do not go green. Chemicals are the shortcut towards good agricultural benefits but these then cause severe health issues not only in human beings but also the livestock. Cancer and neurological disorders are topmost in the list.

Leaves fall off from trees. These degrade and provide bacteria, fungus and other microorganisms causing ground degradation, which thus becomes the natural fertilizer for the crops. Thus, biomass derived from dead trees, branches and other living organisms; plays an important role in the entire process of 'Sajeev'. Through drip irrigation, the water cycle is also conserved. This completes the whole biological cycle. These are the reasons, why Sajeev farming was conceptualized.

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